Monday, February 09, 2009

Jeremy Taylor showing "Salus" in Charlottesville

There is a lot going on this month in the Lumpy world of art, Tory Wright (blog forthcoming) had her solo show "Pleasure Seekers" open last Friday at Lump, Josh Rickards new solo show titled "Do Unto Others and Then Run Like a Mother" opened at Vox Populi in Philadelphia, and Jeremy Taylor's show "Salus" opened at the Garage in Charlottesville, VA. Josh and Tory's shows will be promptly posted but I wanted to get this up to let people know about his closing on the 27th of Febzzzzz.

From the Garage blog: "Jeremy is an artist and professor at James Madison University. His new show, “Salus,” features new drawings, paintings, prints, and objects…all made from natural, organic pigments, and ecologically responsible materials. “Salus” means “safety” in Latin; Jeremy uses the theme of safety to address issues of how animals adapt to their environment in a world far removed from nature."

Make sure you make it to the closing of 'Salus' on February 27th.
More info at :
Also, Team Lump is in a show currently on display at the AVA center in Chattanooga, TN, called Seed: Bin.