Monday, July 21, 2008

Wild On! at the NC Museum of Art's "Greenway Trail"

Joseph Buey's would have loved the North Carolina Museum of Art "Greenway Trail". Not because of Thomas Sayers' giant dyed concrete rings but because as I strolled along the blackberry lined paved path on Sunday I was pleasantly surprised to see a coyote. We had just checked out the Sayer piece and were on our way to a giant corn-cob style sculpture when I saw what I thought was a large gray fox about 50 feet away into the tall prairie grass. It was staring right at us, and when I yelled out to it, the coyote came towards us. After about thirty seconds, it looked away from us, jumped forward twice and pounced on a small animal in the grass that I assume was either a rabbit or a mouse. Then it smiled at us until we eventually walked off to ask a museum employee if there were actually coyotes out here in the middle of Raleigh at the art museum. At any rate, it was a beautiful animal and I suggest that everyone go out and hike the trail while the weather is nice. Remember to bring a container, because if you don't get to witness a coyote in action, you will see a truckload of blackberries growing around all the outdoor sculpture.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Only the locals know about our secret menu!!

Here's a rad new zine from Bill Thelen and Jason Polan, called "ONLY THE LOCALS KNOW ABOUT OUR SECRET MENU". It's great because it pairs these two artists with similar minimalist drawing tendencies. It's filled with very quirky, simple and elegant drawings that take on a mysterious life of their own. Ashton did some amateur hand-modeling for the photos.