Monday, October 27, 2008

Cartune Xprez at Lump

HOOLIGANSHIP will sail into Lump on Wednesday, October 29th, presenting their Fall Tour "Cartune Xprez - a roadshow of animated videos and multimedia performance."

Hooliganship is Peter Burr and Christopher Doulgeris. Both artists were born in 1980, and live and work in Portland, Oregon. They formed Hooliganship in 2002 creating performances, videos, music, and installations that revel in a hypnotic abundance of digital information. In REALER live music, cartoons, and video game worlds cross paths in a surreal adventure through 3 dimensions. 3D glasses will be provided at the screening.

A 70-minute program of short animated videos that celebrates the wilderness of imagination through motion pictures will be presented. Featured artists include Bruce Bickford, Eric Dyer, Shana Moulton, Takeshi Murata, Paper Rad and more. Alongside this cartoon theater Hooliganship will be performing their most recent piece entitled “Realer” in which audiences strap on a pair of 3D glasses to bear witness to a televised parade gone awry.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Kids/Little Kids: Raleigh

Big Kids/Little Kids: Raleigh

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This is a really great group show that comes to Lump Gallery for the month of October via Philadelphia's Space 1026. The show features artists whose life and art have intertwined with Space 1026 over the years. A catalog for Big Kids/Little Kids is available at Lump. This traveling, yet evolving, exhibition was curated by John Freeborn. More information as well as catalogs can be found at his website.

Also visit Lump, Space 1026.

Artist included in the Lump version:
Adam Wallacavage
Amy S. Kauffman
Andrew Kuo
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Barry McGee
Ben Woodward
Dave Delaney
Eric McDade
Isaac Lin
Jim Houser
Jordan Isip
John Freeborn
Joseph Hart
Ryan Wallace
Shepard Fairey
Shelley Spector
Shelter Serra
Tim Lewis
Thomas Maher
Todd St. John
Tom Lessner

Shephard Fairey

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We're back!!!! is back up and looks better than it has ever looked thanks to our friends at OPP ( Let us know what you think.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Almost online..........but here's a short cut.

The new Team Lump site!!!!!!

The new Team Lump page is almost online , we're just waiting for the powers that be to connect our old domain to our site. For now though, the above link will take you to the webpage. Let me know if you have any ideas for how this should look. I'm especially looking for advice from current and former Team Lumpers. The front page image will change often, like the old site, and there will be a video component soon. If you know the link to artist or gallery websites from any of the former Team Lumpers, let me know so I can add them to the 'artists & friends' page. The books/zines page will be expanded, and they will be purchasable through Paypal or by snail mail.