Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good times had by all.

Here's some pics from the Lump Benefit Friday night. Everyone had a great time, a lot of good friends came out to support the space (philosophically and financially), two great bands performed, and I am still tired. More pictures are available at the Lump Docket post, and Goodnight Raleigh.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lump Gallery Benefit is this Friday, August 15th

This coming Friday, August 15th, Lump Gallery will be holding a benefit at 8pm. A modest cash donation of $5 will get you in to see two amazing local bands, Phon, and Schooner.
As many of you know, Lump has long been an important venue for exposing Raleigh to fresh, challenging art for the past thirteen years. It's a stripped down, no frills gallery that has given many breaks and chances to contemporary artists whose work needs exposure. Bill Thelen, founder/director/curator/ARTIST/(and friend), has been the driving force behind this unique space. Come check out the benefit Friday night, say hello to Bill, have a beer, see some of Team Lump's work from our Chicago show last April and enjoy two great local bands.

Links--> Phon, Schooner


Schooner's debut album cover

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What we do when Lump is closed.

What do we do when Lump is closed during July and August every summer?
Well, Bill and Med were in Australia forever (late June-mid July); Tory was in Baltimore finishing up her MFA at MICA (Congratulations Tory!!!); and me, I loiter.
Oh yeah, and of course we are preparing for another amazing gallery benefit which will be Friday August 15th this year. Schooner and Phon will be performing and Med will be holding down the donation Pabst Blue Ribbon table. Aside from that, and because of this event, a few of you may have noticed that we were closed during first friday this month. It was actually very nice, because we had a chance to walk around and see what everyone else was up to that night. We watched the Loners play at Rebus Works with an interesting plush show of islands, waterfalls, fauna, and majic fabric works inside the gallery. We said hello to our friend Megan Sullivan at her Morning Times show of her photorealist quilts. You may remember her from the Low End Theory show Tory put together in June as well as last Decembers' "Group Hug" show. We went to the Ladies Shop on the corner of Wilmington and Hargett to see the Reposition show that Tracey Spencer helped put together. We ran into everyone, had some food, maybe some drinks, and jazzercised.