Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baltimore Book Festival

Teamlump and friends have put together a small xerox drawing book KATHY!!! KATHY!!! KATHY!!!
for the Magazine Stand and good friend Gary Kachadourian. Get out to the Baltmore Book Festival
this weekend with some cash and snag up a few of these zines. Here is the press release, itinerary,
and artist book info:

This weekend the Baltimore Book Festival will have a lot of newly made artists’ books for sale and some live action drawing projects. If you are in town please come by. We will be at the Magazine Stand directly across from the Washington Monument (east side) 600 block N. Charles St.

Friday, September 28, 5-9pm

Saturday and Sunday, September 29-30, 11am-7pm

We’ve asked artists/curators to produce a small quantity of books that include multiple artists working with a theme. The complete exhibition of books will be available at the festival for reading and for purchase, most are priced between 1-10 dollars each.

(see list at bottom of press release)

A live drawing/magazine creation project

Drawings will be manufactured for two new zines during the three days of the festival. The process follows a simple premise, one artist or team of artists draws an entity facing right and another draws one facing left. Copies of the drawings will be bound facing each other for eternity.

(anyone can participate, either email or sign up at the festival)

Special Telepathy Drawing Session

Sunday, September 30, 2-5pm only
Telepathy Drawing is a project of Christina Ayala and John Morris where one sitter is asked to think a thought and another is asked to draw it. Everyone is welcome to sign up and participate during the session hours.

(anyone can participate, just come by and sign up at the festival)

Mini-Curated-Micro-Books ~ Artists and titles below
(it is possible that not all titles are accurate and that additional books may be added)

. _ _ . . _ . . . . _ _ _ _ . _ . _ _
Hanna Badalova - Agnes Burfeild - Kathleen Mazurek - Natalia Mazol

4 Generational Gems
Ruth M. White - Diana R. Harris - Kimberley L. Harris - Maya D. L. Harris - Nikolus S. H. Harris

The 25th Year Project: Portraits As Tools For Navigation
Steven Frost - Theo Knox - Lindsay Stern

Adios Nonino
Eamon Espey - Andrew Liang

against the sky
danamarie hosler – AJ Visgil

All Nude Poetry Revue
The Angry Elvis Collective

Baltimore: Just Like US
Jordan Bernier - Annie Ewaskio

Ben and Lili Draw Fish
Ben Levy, compiler

Boodle Twins Cookbook
The Boodle Twins (Ann Everton - Jackson O'Connell)

Paul S Bergeron - Derrick Buisch - Ryan Burghard - Letitia Garcia - John Hitchcock - Drew Iwaniw - Drew Malcolm - Lance Owens - Erik Parra - Kassie Teng - Ryan Nygard - Kat Riesing - Jason Ruhl - Eric Shows - Fred Stonehouse - Nathan Vernau

Coeur De La Bete ("Heart of the Beast")
Gina Denton - Cybelle Collins - Valerie Martino - CT Terry

Collector Series of Real Erotica Anthologies
Don R. Griffin - Diana R. Harris

Matthew Kirk - Kristin Viduski - Truen Wohnrade

The Color of Dreams/ Nightmares
Kimberley L. Harris - DaWan Simms

The Committee of Making
David Brody - Tobey Crockett - Anne Currier - Richard Kostelanetz - Lise Lemeland - Joe Lewis - Charles McGill - Joseph Nechvatal - Angus Powers - Linda Sikora - Jim Van Kirk

Di J’s Delights
LaTonya Savage - Diamond Savage - Jordan Savage

Fig. 2 Diagramatics
Lindsay Orlowski, compiler

Disappearing Harbor
Peter Fillat - Ed Love - Craig Purcell - David Purcell - Stryker Sessions - Jillian Storms - Randy Sovich - Stewart White

Steven Jones - Megan Van Wagoner

Dream Quotes
Kelley Dunwoody - Joanie Hoffman - Linda Winkler

Dry Clean Only
Maggie Covert, compiler

Katherine Duval - June Schafer - Molly Schafer - Tory Wright

Favorite photos with cobwebs
Jeff Alphin - Harrell Fletcher - Sarah Garrish - Jane King -Matthew Porterfield - John Standiford - Karen Yasinsky (compiler)

The Function of Forgetting
Vestal Abbott - Kenny Ditto

The Girl Island Excersize Guide
Girl Island (Gina Denton - Ann Everton - Onnie – Monter - Gabrielle Sammartino - Patty Suggs)

The Great Lake State
Margot Curran - Jessica Schwind - Joseph Smolinski

Kimberley L. Harris - DaWan Simms

Louie Cordero - Brendan Danielsson - Eric Shaw - Carlos Thomas
Seth Adelsberger, curator

Nicole Buckingham - Cathy Leaycraft - Diana Marta - Cindy Rehm - Dan Shapiro - Olin L. Yoder
Diana Marta, curator

How to Get There: The First Annual Atlas of the Hand Drawn Map Association
Hand Drawn Map Association

Illogical Thinking
Zig a Zig Ahh & Alisa Alig – Mia Ardito - Matt Bettine – Eleanor Farley – Tim Yingling

Internal Memorandums by The Grope Group
preliminary communications introducing the new book, Secondary Sound by justin sirois

The Isolated Individual
Robin Page, compiler

t.w. Dixon – Daniel Sullivan

Kathy!!! Kathy!!! Kathy!!!
Jerstin Crosby –Ben Hazard – Lump Lipshitz – Molly Schafer – Kay Whole – Tory Wright

Letters to a Lost Boy
Katherine Nammacher, compiler

Lottery Numbers that did not Win
Ruth M. White - Diana R. Harris

Mapping My Day; A Day in Still-life
Jennifer Becker - Sara Glik

The Miracle Breakfast
Julian Beneforti, compiler

Moldy Souls
Kerri Cushman - Kelly Nelson

more lines and stars
Rachel Adams - Alyssa Dennis

Mountains and Words
Julie Benoit - Ryan Jedlicka

M(rr)APP [or, licking you through the hole in your shirt]
Ben Piwowar - Nicole Shiflet

Sarah Abel-DeLuca - Stephen DeLuca - Duane Lutsko - Terry Peterson
Duane Lutsko, curator

Mules, Mutts, and Halfbreeds
Ariane Clarke, compiler

Oh, You Handsome Devils
Ryan Destefano, compiler

Chris Day - Adam Okrasinski

Pit Sweat
Andrew Neyer, compiler

Dave Showalter - Melissa Salzman - Greg Minah - Chuck Sehman

Neil Callander - Adrienne Heath-Stiefel - Crystal Hernandez - Mason Kinard - Carin Rodenborn - Jen Tausig

radical freedom: beyond xibalba

Steve Amos - Lauren Bender - Miriam DesHarnais & Ben Moy - Robert Dibrell - Giovanni Garcia-Fenech - Ding Ren - Alison Roome - Beth Secor
Edited by Jack Livingston

The Resurrection of Niggah Please
Kimberley L. Harris - Diana R. Harris - Don R. Griffin

Mollie Goldstrum - Molly O'Connell - Erin Womack

Diana R. Harris - Don R. Griffin

This is a Children's Story
Cara Ober - Jill Sisson Quinn

Matt Bettine - Chris Day - Eleanor Farley - Molly O'Connell - Adam Okrasinski - Neal Reinalda - Matt Sears - Brendan Sullivan
Neal Reinalda, curator

Title Unknown
Kim Bost, compiler

Title Unknown
Brian Garner and other map makers

Pearl Hood, compiler

Sarada Conaway - Aniko Makranczy

Maren Hassinger – Senga Nengudi

For more information or to sign up for one of the drawing sessions :

Gary Kachadourian
Visual Arts and Arts & Humanities Grants Coordinator
Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts
7 East Redwood Street, Suite 500
Baltimore, MD 21202
410-752-8632 (office)
443-263-4339 (direct)
410-385-0361 (fax)



Sunday, September 02, 2007

WWAJWD? Andrew Jeffrey Wright Interview

Everybody will shit everyone else's pants when they read this TeamLump Sucks exclusive special edition extravaganza email (electronic mail) interview with Philadelphia's favorite son, artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright!!!

JC: Okey doke. Lets start with you maybe telling me a little about the early days of1026. Did you receive a key to the city?

AJW: In July 1997 a few of us, well really Jeff Weisner and his dad cleaned up the dusty vacant space that was to become Space 1026. The rest of us were at at trade show in San Diego California trying get shops to order product from our soon to be failed attempts at a skateboard company and a clothing company. We lived in the space for about a year before we all figured out a way to live in actual apartments and other places. Eventually we built a mini ramp and then had to tear it down about two years later, by round about request from the land lord. We didn't receive a key to the city, but we did get voted, by the people, Best Art Gallery, in a local city paper poll.

JC: Were you voted "Who's Who's Most Likely to open a gallery with
friends" back in high school? Do tell.

AJW: In highschool, I was voted "most artistic" by the students, but my friend Bob Schroeder, was awarded for artistic excellence by the art teachers. He received a fancy pen and something like a piece of paper. I got my picture in the yearbook with a caption under it stating how great of an artist i was. Sometime in college a few friends and myself started a secret art club called "The Council of Five". We would have yearly art events to show off what we made and do performances. We didn't want to wait around for some gallery to start showing our art. Our first art show was in my parents' living room and then we had them at a teen club/community center called The Grapevine. The last show we did as The Council of Five was in a living room in West Philly, in 1994.

JC: I just went and ate pizza, did you? And, if so, do you still harbor
bitter feelings toward Bob Schroeder?

AJW: No, I just ate a lentil dal wrap. I love Bob. He lives in NYC now and is a graphic designer. He went to the same art school in Philly as me and worked his way through school by delivering pizzas for Carmen's Pizza, located in the suburbs we grew up in. Bob didn't live in the city. He commuted to school and lived with his parents all through college. When i was in high school i was bummed i didn't win the award Bob won, but in hindsight I know he deserved the award and not me. I drew like a 6th grader and he drew like a 12th grader.

JC: Which grade level would you say you're drawing at these days?

AJW: Maybe still a 6th grader, but one who concentrates really hard on his drawing, cause he really wants to get it right.

JC: Have you ever accidentally downloaded an art blog into someone else's pants?

AJW: Hmmmm, no i haven't, but since cooking is an art, anybody that has cooked a meal that caused another person to crap their pants, has had their art blog downloaded into another persons pants.

JC: Do you have any recipes you could share with us?

AJW: Yes, yes, i do have recipes! i currently don't really cook or prepare food, i just eat cereal and buy food some one else made. It gets kind of expensive, but since i don't smoke heroin, main line jack daniels or eat pot i have enough money in my life to pay some one else to make food for me. Though i just had my third car stolen a week ago, so maybe i should start preparing my own food and try saving money for another car, but i find no joy in food preparation. These two recipes are recipes i don't even create any more, because i don't eat cheese or eggs. forever i wouldn't give away my secret recipes, but since i no longer make them maybe they can live on through some one else's hands and heart.

1) fry one egg without the yok
2) toast an english style muffin or some regular
sandwich bread
3) spread a preserve or marmalade onto both pieces of
4) put the egg on the spread side of one piece of the
toast and then
place the other piece of toast, spread side down,
on top of the egg
5) enjoy!

Preface: This soup was served at the ridley high
school cafeteria in the 1980s. They never told us how
to make it, but i cracked the code myself and will now
entrust you with the secret.
1) as you are heating a pot of tomato soup add some
oregano and
garlic powder. do this when the soup is near the
end of it's heating
process as to not boil away the flavors. you will
also have to use trial
and error to figure out the correct amount of
garlic powder and
2) pour the soup into a bowl.
3) add some croutons to the bowl of soup (in a pinch
you can also use
toast cut into crouton size bits)
4) add some grated mozzarella cheese to the bowl of
5) do not let the soup sit. enjoy!

Important notes: if you add the croutons and the cheese to the soup while it is heating, the croutons will get too soggy and the cheese will dissolve, so don't even think about it. Do it as described. However feel free to experiment with making different styles off pizza soup, like Hawaiian style. be creative! And most importantly of all, don't get any body pregnant and never use a microwave oven ever for anything!

JC: What is your favorite song to spin for folks?

AJW: Right now i have three favorites; HIGHER STATE OF
SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE EDIT) by Digitalism. I enjoy
these songs way more than the people at the club do
and it is proven every time I play them. If I played
only what the party kids wanted to hear I'd only own
three records, The Best of Prince, The Best of Madonna
and The Best of Michael Jackson.

more from Andrew Jeffrey Wright

also, i heard artintheage.com posted a video interview with him recently.