Sunday, April 22, 2007

Greetings from TeamLump

TeamLump is now pleased to present the "Team Lump Sucks Gazzette Weekly Post", a weekly updated magazine that will feature interviews and reviews about emerging visual artists.

Also, we hope to publish others' writing about artists in their community. This way we can have a broader range of coverage, and hear from voices in places that might not be NYC, LA, or you know what I'm saying. Submissions for this section of the Team Lump Sucks Gazzette Weekly Post should be emailed to with 'teamlump sucks' in the title. Be sure to size down images [ we prefer (.jpg) files between 72 and 180 dpi ].

The submissions will be reviewed and every week we will select one article for inclusion. Before you submit, check out our projects at, Lump Gallery/Projects, and LumpWest, to help decide if your artist review would be a good fit. We are a little picky, so if you send us an article about your roommates' exhibition at starbucks then it probably won't be chosen for the post. But we do want to encourage a new class of art criticism and see what's going on in your town or on your travels. So do it up.

-Jerstin Crosby